about us


John has always had a passion for making things, and through work and personal projects has gathered a variety of skills in woodwork, construction and engineering.
His determination to succeed in a project would be his greatest skill of all, and by recognising that we are not born with the knowledge, he will always find a way.

With an instinct for adventure John has worked in the remote and beautiful landscape of Antarctica for twenty plus years. One of his first experiences was living for two and a half years on a scientific research station as the engineer. Construction has also taken him back including the Halley VI project.

From the ice and snow covered mountains work opportunities have also taken him to the middle of the Sahara desert and to the jungles of Borneo.

Sailing has been part of John Taylors life since childhood, growing up in West Cumbria, England. He would often be out on his fathers boat, in the Irish Sea, visiting Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man.

” Building Ocean Swift has been one chapter in my life, lets see what the next chapter brings”